After the Case

At the end of the trial, the judge will decide if you are or are not guilty.

  • If the judge finds you not guilty, the court will return your bail and the case will not go on your driving record.
  • If the judge finds you guilty, he or she will decide your punishment. You can still ask for traffic school if you were found guilty.

Right to an Appeal

If you were found guilty, you have a right to an appeal. An appeal is not a new trial. In an appeal a new judge reviews the record from your trial and decides if legal errors were made. Infraction appeals are heard by judges in the appellate division of the superior court.

If you want to appeal your case, you must file your Notice of Appeal within 30-days of the day the trial judge made his decision. To learn more about appeals in infraction cases, read Information on Appeal Procedures in Infractions.