If you want to contest a traffic citation for an infraction:

If you want to contest a traffic citation in writing, without having to make a personal court appearance, you may ask for a "trial by declaration." Trials by written declaration are available in cases involving infraction violations of California's Vehicle Code.

The first form, TR-200, will explain how to do this.

  • Request for Trial by Written Declaration (Form TR-205)
  • Decision and Notice of Decision (Form TR-215)
  • Request for New Trial by Written Declaration (Form TR-220)
  • Order and Notice to Defendant of New Trial (Form TR-225)

A Declaration Form:

You may not need all of these forms. Or you may need more forms. If you're not sure which forms to use, talk to a lawyer. Get low-cost legal aid. Find local court forms you may need at your county's court website.

If you want to appeal a decision in a traffic case (infraction):

The first form, CR-141-INFO, explains appeal procedures for infractions.

  • Information on Appeal Procedures for Infractions (Form CR-141-INFO)
  • Notice of Appeal and Record of Oral Proceedings (Infraction)
    (Form CR-142)
  • Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction) (Form CR-143)

A Declaration Form: