How to Renew a Real Property Lien

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A lien Opens new window on a judgment debtor’s real property (home or other real estate) is put in place when a certified copy Opens new window of the court’s Abstract of Judgment (Form EJ-001) is filed with the Office of the County Recorder where the property is located.

  • Abstracts of Judgment end after 10 years.  Therefore, the lien ends in 10 years.
  • However, the judgment may be renewed for another 10 years, and then is renewable after that.
  • Once the judgment is renewed, the Notice of Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-195) can be used to renew the lien.

TIP:  Renew the judgment at least six (6) months before the 10 years run out.

To Renew the Judgment -- and then Renew the Lien

Step 1.
Get and fill out 2 forms: 

  • Application for and Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-190Opens new window
  • Notice of Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-195) Opens new window

Make at least 2 copies of these forms.

Step 2.
File Opens new window the 2 forms at court and pay the court’s filing fee. 

The court clerk will: 

  • Keep the original Application for and Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-190) and return the copies to you. 
  • Complete and return to you the original Notice of Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-195) plus the copies.

Step 3. Ask the clerk for as many certified copies of the Notice of Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-195) as you need to renew in each county where you placed a lien.

Step 4.
Record a certified copy of the Notice of Renewal of Judgment (Form EJ-195) with each County Recorder’s office where you recorded the Abstract of Judgment (lien). Pay the County Recorder’s office’s fee.

IMPORTANT:  When you are fully paid you must remove the lien and file a Satisfaction of Judgment (Form EJ-100) with the court.  See the section on Satisfaction of Judgment.

To learn how to remove liens see the section on How to a Remove Lien.



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