How Do I Get Proof of Payment in Full?

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After you have paid your judgment debt in full, the judgment creditor must file a form with the court within 15 days that lets the court know that the debt is clear. 

  • If there were no liens on your property, the creditor can use the Notice of Entry of Judgment (Form SC-130Opens new window – the “Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment” section on the bottom of Page 2.
  • If there were liens on your property, the creditor must use the Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment (Form EJ-100). Opens new window

The creditor must serve Opens new window you with an endorsed Opens new window copy of the form for your records so that you have proof that the debt was paid in full.

NOTE:  If the creditor uses Form SC-130, he or she will serve you with endorsed copies of both the Form SC-130 and a “Certificate of Satisfaction,” issued by the court.

IF you have not received an endorsed copy of the appropriate form for your records, send a letter, email or fax to the creditor asking the creditor to file the appropriate form at court. Also ask the creditor to serve you with an endorsed copy of the form, either in person or by mail. Keep a copy of the letter you sent.

If the creditor doesn’t respond within 15 days of your request, you can ask the court clerk to enter a Satisfaction of Judgment.
(See California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 116.850).Opens new window 

In order to do this, you must file with the court clerk:

  • Proof that you paid the judgment by:
    • Canceled check, cashier’s check or money order as payment in full of the judgment cashed by the creditor, or 
    • A receipt for payment signed by the creditor.


  • A written declaration that you paid the judgment and that either: 

    • The creditor refuses to file an appropriate Satisfaction of Judgment form, or 
    • You are unable to locate the creditor.

NOTE:  You may use the court form entitled Declaration (Form MC-030). Opens new window

Once you have an endorsed copy of an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment, make copies of it in case you have to:


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