What is an Agent for Service of Process?

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An “agent for service of process” is a person or company who is authorized to accept the delivery of legal documents on behalf of a business of some kind. “Agents for service of process” for corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited partnerships (LPs) are supposed to be registered with the Secretary of State. 

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Therefore, if you are suing a corporation, limited liability companies, or limited partnership and need to get copies of your court papers to them, have your server deliver the legal documents to the company's “agent for service of process.”

To learn what to do if the corporation or other business does not have an agent for service of process, click here.


REMEMBER: You are suing the corporation (or limited liability companies or limited partnerships) - not the agent for service of process.

Therefore, On the Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court (Form SC-100, page 2, number 2), you will name the company as a defendant. Put its out-of-state address on the “Street Address” line.

Then, cross out “Mailing Address” and write in “Agent for Service” and write in the agent’s name and address there.





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