Forms that are Information Sheets about a Small Claims Case

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These forms will open in a new window.  When you have printed out each form, please close that window and continue on this site. 

Forms that are Information Sheets about a Small Claims Case:

  • Information for the Small Claims Plaintiff (Form SC-100-INFO) Opens new window
  • How to Serve a Business or Public Entity (Small Claims) (Form SC-104C) Opens new window
  • What is "Proof of Service"? (Small Claims) (Form SC-104B) Opens new window
  • What to do After the Court Decides your Small Claims Case
    (Form SC-200-INFO) Opens new window
  • Exemptions from the Enforcement of Judgments (Form EJ-155) Opens new window
  • Payments in Small Claims Cases (Form SC-220-INFO) Opens new window

For a listing of all state-wide Small Claims forms, click here. Opens new window

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